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Monday, January 28, 2008

Financial Times Global MBA classification: 金融时报万国 MBA TOP 100

Sometimes I wonder if at the time when I decided to join my IMBA program, if it would be worthy or not. It is very difficult to say even now after two years have gone by.

Every once in a while, some famous famous business newspapers around the world, make their own classification for the world TOP MBA programs. This year, the UK's leading business newspaper, Financial Times, published it's Global TOP 100 for the year 2008. The schools were audited by KPMG on a 20+ categories and here are the results for the first 5:

Rank in 2008 Business school name Country Weighted salary (US$)
1 University of Pennsylvania: Wharton U.S.A. 165859
2 London Business School U.K. 144918
3 Columbia Business School U.S.A. 165123
4 Stanford University GSB U.S.A. 167225
5 Harvard Business School U.S.A. 162316

This year, the University of South Carolina, Moore School of Business's IMBA program was rewarded the 55th place, 17 positions higher than in 2007.
It is something that makes me very proud, that the school was ranked 1st in the world in the International Experience rank, basically the main reason for why I've chosen the school. Great to know that such an impressive financial institution is saying that. It makes me very happy!

This is how our school scored in the rankings:
Alumni career progress
Salary today ($)95,417
Weighted salary (US$)95,417
Salary percentage increase117
Value for money rank56
Career progress rank82
Aims achieved rank41
Placement success rank74
Employed at three months (%)87 (70)
Alumni recommend rank72
Women faculty (%)24
Women students (%)35
Women board (%)12
International faculty (%)21
International students (%)25
International board (%)3
International mobility rank22
International experience rank1
Idea generation
Faculty with doctorates (%)90
FT doctoral rank62
FT research rank58

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Beijing is changing, 北京改变了

I've been outside of Beijing for more than a month now and coming back yesterday and I can strongly say: it is changing!! It seems it's been a while, but it also feels it was just last week that I left the city.

The weather is still cold, but now I've had clear sky in these last two days. You can actually see stars at night.

Just when I came out of the airplane, I could see that things have changed right away. Inside the airport, there were more signs that would direct your to your proper direction, there were special waiting lanes for Olympic athletes and service was quick. Outside, the taxis don't wait in huge lines anymore, but asked to park on the left side and wait for clients to pick them up from there. It seems more efficient and is more foreign-friendly especially for those coming to Beijing for the first time.

As I was going by subway today, I noticed that inside, on the TV screens the Olympic Committee is educating the people on all the Olympics sports. When I was traveling they were showing Field Hockey and explaining all rules and regulations: how wide is the goal, how are the players equipped, how to play, showing a combination of live action and computerized graphics. They want people to know what they will be looking at.

The cab drivers, today I got to meet two, both were asking me on how to say "Left" and "Right" and other basic stuff joining the Olympic spirit that is building up in here.

Something has not changed yet... the Chinese food, I forgot how good it was and how badly I missed it. Beijing, I'm back!!

Friday, January 04, 2008

out for vacation

I am currently out for vacation with my friend Anand across India. I will come back with details when Internet will allow!

Happy New Year!