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Monday, May 12, 2008

The Earthquake: 地震 (Di Zhen)

It's been a while since my last post on the blog and probably would've been another few days to my next blog. When you think that you've experienced everything in China, there is always something new that will surprise you. Today was one of those days... I wrote this on May 12 right after the earthquake has struck but not published it until today!

I was sitting at my office trying to figure out the best way to do some automatic reporting and after working on it all morning, I suddenly felt very dizzy, tired and uncomfortable. Suddenly, I was feeling like loosing my senses. I looked over at my co-worker Sarah and saw that she also looked very uncomfortable. I tried to focus on feeling my feet, both feet were shaking because the ground was shaking. I got up and looked around at my other co-workers and nobody seemed to say much at the beginning. We were just kinda looking at each other. With every millisecond, everyone was coming out of their office, growing more and more impatient, getting ready to do something. Soon after, everyone went directly to the emergency exit, didn't really matter if the shock was gone or still present. We just experienced an earthquake.
People outside of our office building minutes after the earthquake

Update (May 29th)
Now, two and half weeks later, all the world found out about what happened in China on May 12, 2008 at 2:28PM. Basically the whole country, and it is not a small one by any means, was shaken for almost 3 minutes.
Before, in my life, I had the unpleasant experience to be in the middle of three other earthquakes which are all pretty vivid memories.
Every once and a while, sitting at the 10th floor of the office building at my desk, after a harder day at work, I can still feel the same feeling that the earthquake gave me on May 12th. But this time I only feel tired...


Blogger Pekky said...

Better late than never...

I am glad you are okay and shared your experiences. I thought about you and the others when I found out.

1:06 AM  

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