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Sunday, May 06, 2007

kunming videos

We were going down a street when a whole crowd of people from a restauran were doing some sort of team building by running down the street. Very funny!

This buddhist temple we visited in Kunming had a collection of turtles sitting on the side of the little lake that was around the main temple praying hall.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

we are on vacation

Oficially the whole China is on vacation right now... it is called the May Day Golden week and an estimate of 150 million people travel around the country.
It is a period of maxium profits for airlines, bus operators, hotels and tourism in general. According to 'China Daily', this vacation contributed more than 86bn$ to the economy in the past 19 years and it is one of the three major weeks of vacation in China.

Together with Stephanie and Malte, my two friends and coleagues from the Moore School, started a one week adventure to the South of China's Yunnan provice, home of most Chinese minorities such as Bai and Naxi.

The trip didn't start very well, because, once on the train we found out that instead of the expected 24 hours of travelling, we spent 48. Just of the many Chinese surprises that we found.